Bumper Job Opening for IOC Trader Trainee in Quantizer, Daryaganj, Delhi, Delhi

Hi, Guys

We got a new job opening detail

company name Quantizer

location : Daryaganj, Delhi, Delhi

description : Ansari Rd, Daryaganj, New Delhi, Delhi 110002, India

Job Type

Full Time, From Office

# Openings


Creation Date

7 December 2021, 6:30:00 pm

About the Role

This is a fresher position. The candidate would be a quick learner with good analytical skills. You would be mentored by a lead trader and would undergo rigorous training for 6 weeks to trade IOC Butterfly strategy. You would be trained over a mock terminal where data is real and trades are dummy. Once your training is complete you would be made live and you would start trading IOC Butterfly with the firms capital. The candidate would be required to participate in daily EOD trading discussions, contribute with new trading ideas and implement them successfully in live market. This is a rewarding career and a successful trader with good skills and acumen can make a handsome monthly incentives.


No prior experience is required
Good with basic Maths
Good with Mental Maths
Good retention power
Interest in financial markets and trading
Quick learner and good at the following instruction
Sound Analytical skills
Knowledge of Excel is a plus
A Bachelors degree is a must.

About the Company

Quantizer is a dedicated team, thriving on challenges. We have crafted our products and each line of code to build an industry-leading HFT arsenal. We are high on innovation, high on ethics, and fun. Most importantly we all love what we do. We know there’s still a lot for us to learn and are always looking for people who can help us fill in the gaps. We will provide you with opportunities to learn about all aspects of our advanced technology infrastructure. It’s also a great place to learn about the financial markets. You don’t need to know anything about trading to come work here, but if you do come, you’ll have the opportunity to learn. We are looking for people who love to work in teams, enjoy solving problems and have excellent coding skills. Teams of traders, researchers, and developers work together to create the best solutions then put them into production. We foster a culture of open, clear, and honest communication.

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